Rotary Club of West Olympia

Committee News


Club Administration Committee News:

(Nothing currently reported.)

          Quint Newell, Club Administration Committee Director


Membership and Vocational Service Committee News:

West Olympia Rotary is your opportunity to make a difference in your local community and around the world. Our club recognizes that by strengthening our membership, we expand the collective impact of our community service, charitable contributions, and international projects. In light of this, our club has established an aggressive goal of growing our membership to 100 members by 2020. If you have a special passion for improving your community and want to connect with others who feel the same way, then join us for lunch sometime and learn more about who we are and what we do. The first one is on us!


Sandi DiBernardo, Membership and Vocational Service Committee Director

Community Service Committee News:

(Nothing currently reported.)

          Dan Young, Community Service Committee Director


Rotary Foundation and International Service Committee News:

End Polio Now Campaign:
Thank you West Olympia Rotary Members for the great participation in the End Polio Now Campaign. The campaign this year had two (2) goals.
First goal was to raise a minimum of $5000. From July 1st to November 30th the Club has raised $5469.50. Contributions ranged from $5 to $1000. And remember the Gates Foundation matches our efforts two-one. Not bad to eradicate polio throughout the world.  And what a program to say in the future that I participated in this great world effort.
Second goal of 100-percent member participation is not quit there. Fifty-three (53) of the Clubs seventy-five (75) members have made a contribution. Some have contributed more than once. The good news is that the Club has until the 30th of June 2017 to reach its second goal of 100-percent member participation. Our goal now it to have all members make a contribution.
Thanks a million Rotary Members.
Steve Masini, Rotary Foundation and International Service Committee Director

Youth Service Committee News:

Our club continues to be active in the student exchange program.  Our current inbound student is Jon Schaefer.  He has just transitioned to his second host family.  Having just completed a successful crew season, Jon is looking forward to attending Capital High School basketball games.  Club members are encouraged to contact Dirk Havlak to arrange an evening with Jon.  


Our outbound student is Logan Shaw, who has been enjoying his academic and social experiences in Norway.  We will continue looking forward to his monthly letters.


Dirk Havlak is currently focused on student applications for both the summer program and the full year exchange.


Recently, our club participated in the Olympia School District Career and College Fair.  We had a number of parents and students stop by our table to discuss both the foreign exchange program and Rotary scholarships.

          Rich Yescas, Youth Service Committee Director


Fundraising Committee News:

(Nothing currently reported.)

Betty Holt, Fundraising Committee Director

Public Relations Committee News:

(Nothing currently reported.)

Dick Pust, Public Relations Committee Director