Speaker Date Topic
Lance Benson Sep 17, 2019
Dry Tikes & Wet Wipes

Our club is providing monitary support for a new organizatiuon called Dry Tikes and Wet Wipes which provides diapers to families in need. Their founder and executive director Lance Benson will be with us today to accept a check from our Charities Board and explain how the organization operates.

President Dan Young Sep 24, 2019
Club Assembly

There'll be some awards and other fun stuff at today's meeting. Our president Dan Young will make sure you have an enjoyable time. Be sure you don't miss it.

Charities Board members Oct 01, 2019
Charities Board

Ever wonder how our Charities Board operates? You'll find out during today's progrdam.

Bruce Sanders Oct 08, 2019
Chaplains of Thurston County

The Chaplains of Thurston County work with local fire departments and law enforcement and play an important role in our community. Past president Bruce Sanders is one of them and will host today's program. 

Laurie Tebo Oct 15, 2019
Behavioral Health Resources

We have Laurie Tebo, the CEO of BHR, with us today. She'll update us on the services provided by Behavioral Health Resources.