Speaker Date Topic
Dan Mazur Oct 27, 2020
Olympia Oyster Planning Project

Local resident and member of something called the Olympia Oyster Planning Project Dan Mazur demonstrates how just one oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day and help clean up lower Puget Sound. 

Former Olympia Mayor Stan Biles Nov 03, 2020
Surving the fires of southern Oregon

Former Olympia Mayor Stan Biles has a house in southern Oregon -- a house that was nearly destroyed by recent fires that ravaged southern Oregon. He tells us what it's like to flee for his life. Fortunately his house survived and he and his wife Janet are okay, but many of their neighbors lost everything. You won't want to miss this program.

Sarah Hammin Nov 10, 2020
Oly Ecosystems

Ever wonder why so much brush has been cleared recently from the west side of West Bay Drive? It's not for a new housing development. Sarah Hammin, Restoration Director for Oly Ecosystems, has the story. 

Michael Cade Nov 17, 2020
State of the local economy during this time of COVID

Michael Cade, Executive Director of the Thurston EDC will provide an update on how our local economy is doing during this time of COVID.