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The Club Administration Committee is responsible for conducting activities associated with the effective operation of the club as described in the Club Administration Committee Manual of Rotary International.  The Club Administration Committee Director is the chair of this committee.

This committee has a variety of subcommittees, including a Cashiers Committee that arranges to have a cashier at each meeting, a Sergeant-at-Arms Committee that arranges to have a Sergeant-at-Arms at each meeting, an Attendance Committee that helps the club Secretary keep track of meeting attendance and any make-ups for each member, a Program Committee that arranges a program for each meeting, a Music Committee that arranges to have a piano player and song leader at each meeting, a Fellowship/Social Committee that arranges various social events for our members and their family and friends, a Newsletter Committee that produces a monthly newsletter for distribution to our members and posting on our website, and a Club Website Committee that maintains this website.

All of these activities are vital to operation of the club, and we're always in need of help on various committees, so members are encouraged to volunteer to help on any committee of their choice.